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“News, news, news”
Such an incredibly productive summer – and it’s still mid-August! Someone’s not destined to have a holiday this summer, but hey, dare I complain?
I am so excited about the airplay and chart success back home in Russia – all three mixes of “Thinking of Someone Else” (Riffs & Rays, Dr. Octavo and the Dean St. Radio Mix) are on the radio constantly, including Europe + Euro-Mix, Radio 7, NRJ’s Top 30 chart show, and the song has even taken over the phone ring tone market… Too bad I can’t purchase the ring tone for my US cell phone! *joking*
Also on the “home” front, I have just started collaborating with Lev Koppelkin @ Centre LK and Grigoriy Melamedov – we are now preparing the follow-up single in Russia, so stay tuned!
And the most exciting news of the summer so far… We’ve just signed the worldwide deal with Kobalt Music Publishing, which is absolutely fantastic! To think that I have officially joined the list of Kobalt artist/songwriters, such as Lionel Richie, Moby, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, William Orbit, etc., is completely out of this world. 
And on the book front – a MAJOR twist but daren’t say “what” until it’s all confirmed… I’m cruel, I know!!
While the London and LA dates are yet to be confirmed, there’s more exciting stuff on the way, but till then – hope you’re all well and enjoying your summer holidays… while I’m working! 🙂
P.S. A couple of soundtracks on the way, including “Yanni Voices” already in stores on DVD and on PBS, featuring one of my tunes written with Marc Russell and Dave Scheuer!


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number13Et voila… it’s official!

“Thinking of Someone Else” Riffs & Rays/Dr. Octavo remixed double single is next week’s 13 in the Music Week Pop Club charts in the UK!

Needless to say, Top 30 was a big thrill in itself, but last week’s 21 was such a close call, I couldn’t help but keep my fingers crossed… why not Top 20, after all?

Some call it gambling, but for better or worse, there’s always much more at stake “behind the scenes” than a mere position in the charts.

Not yet a Top 10 but initial talks about an upcoming single are well on the cards… in fact, already in full gear!

Watch this space for more news… some exciting updates on the way, but in the meantime, many thanks for all the support, encouragement and faith!

Love to you all,

Tinatin x

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