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300px-Mad_scientist.svgA crazy month so far… And the summer has only just kicked off!

Negotiating contracts, meeting with lawyers, publishers, agents and new
songwriting partners can be fascinating, exhausting and at times really
exciting, but what about some free time for a bit of fun and entertainment?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to take the entire day off, let alone a
proper weekend off work, without feeling somewhat guilty deep down (“I
should be working, not hanging out!”) Although having said that, recharging
my batteries is definitely one of my priorities for the next couple of
months or so. That, along with a couple of trips that have been on the cards
for way too long, including London and possibly LA, but not excluding an
imminent return to Moscow for a potential project that is currently in the
works… Something massive but not yet finalized negotiation-wise, so I
daren’t say more!

All in all, a very exciting time but it’s also quite disappointing that I’ve
barely managed to catch up with any of my friends in-between the mad weeks
here and there. I don’t regret it for a second, of course, but sometimes I
genuinely worry that my friends will soon start accusing me of ignorance –
and that would make me feel awful!!! 😦 I wish I could place everything on
hold – or maybe a pause button? – for a day or two and just concentrate on
catching up with each and every one of them!

Oh, and guess what else is happening next weekend? A gig in Central Park!
But more on that later… with pictures and possibly even a youtube video!

In the meantime, of course, the UN Uncovered radio show and the BTR Russkiy
in the Mix show are still very much on air and in production on weekly basis
– it’s a way of switching off once a week, I guess, and thinking about the
bigger picture every now and then!

And the book… The synopsis for the sequel is already done, while the first
book is currently being reviewed and edited by the critics, so I’m excited
and just a little nervous!

Wow, would you believe that “Is It True?” is still in the charts and still
going strong? While “Thinking of Someone Else” is #2 on the iDanceFM charts
and we’ve just completed a pop cross-over radio mix in the UK, which I’ll be
posting shortly on myspace! And by the way, it has just been picked up by
Hit FM and Europe Plus, a couple of leading Russian commercial radio
stations and will probably be added to a few more top stations throughout
Russia in the next couple of weeks or so.

I’ll do my best to keep the blogs coming on regular basis and keep you all
posted at all times… My apologies again for not getting back to everyone
in timely manner but I promise to get better at it – I’m really not as good
as I used to be 😦 But I’ll improve, promise! 🙂


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pds-toseThe track was released today through Music2Mix/Media2Radio, the pioneers in radio marketing… And it’s immediately gone to #1 as the top rated track !

Radio spins in the USA, UK and throughout the World, on many ground-breaking music shows via the radio and club DJs on the extensive Media2Radio database will follow shortly…

But so far here’s the M2M Top 10 chart and the official press release from M2M on Tinatin and “Thinking of Someone Else”….

Watch this space for more!!!

Top rated tracks – the Media2Radio Top 10

1. Tinatin – “Thinking of Someone Else” – Vox Humana
2. Ralf GUM feat. Daniel Thomas – “Higher High” – GOGO Music
3. Mixgeselle – “Weekend Warm Up Show 5”
4. DJ Dealer – “Whatcha Gonna Do” – Look At You
5. Tristan Garner vs. Crystal Waters – “Gypsy Woman” – Pool e Music
6. Seamus Blake Quartet – “Way Out of Willy” – Jazz Eyes
7. Radio Slave – “Koma Koma” – Rekids
8. Daddy’s Groove vs Little Mark – “Violin Theme – Fairy Tale” – Test Pressing Records
9. Phil England Pres. Sunstitute Ft Larisa – “Open Up (Retribute)” – BoomBoxx Records
10. Spencer Gray – “Spencer Gray Radio Sampler” – Loveslap!

Tinatin – “Thinking of Someone Else” – Vox Humana

Tinatin – Thinking Of Somebody Else – the Puerta Del Sol Vs To SEFast Distance Presents Suncoast Tinatin DJ Simon Cox Rework is wave after wave of melodic lines over relentless rhythms this track gets into your heart and pulses like a 100ml shot of serotonin – euphorically building, sending the eyes of the dance floor heaven bound. This UK remix is a masterpiece of studio work. EG

Tinatin – an artist of infinite pedigree who writes and performs, has her own Radio show interviewing powerful people as a UN correspondent in New York City, writes songs that get accepted as the national entry into this years 2009 Eurovision song contest. She is the model of a sophisticated professional – then she lets her hair down and gives the dance world a track to really take her to their hearts. The American media from Billboard right across are on her case – she’s destined to be known in everybody’s home this girl. Tinatin, ain’t she something…….

In addition, apart from her weekly UN radio show on Progressive Radio Network, “United Nations Uncovered”, Tinatin’s brand new show on Break Thru Radio “Russkiy in the Mix” features some of the hottest post-USSR hits from the other side of the Iron Curtain, along with interviews and exclusive live performances from the modern-day New Russia’s biggest alternative bands and top dance outfits. Russkiy in the Mix is currently the only English-language source of fresh Russian music on totally American radio, where Tinatin brings her listeners a monthly dose of what’s fresh and “happening” in Moscow, St. Petersburg and beyond…

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russkiy-logoA fine gap between UN Radio and Russkiy electronic mixed with some alternativa, but who ever said it was forbidden?!

If you’ve only heard Russian “popsa” and don’t know much about the particular genre apart from T.a.t.u. and a few rare exceptions that have actually managed to “translate” into the Western pop market, here’s your chance to listen to what’s really cool, underground and “happening” in Moscow & St. Petersburg at the moment.

Some of the best chill-out, electronica, house, rockapops alternativa and more… right here on Break Thru Radio with DJ Tinatin…. check it out and let us know what you love, hate and so on… open to suggestions, criticism and of course loyalty !!! 🙂

Yours truly,

DJ Tinatinsky 🙂

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russkiy-logoYou thought you knew everything?

Not really! 🙂 And here’s why…

As most of you already know about my passion for radio and the current PRN radio show that I host and produce from the United Nations called “U.N. Uncovered”, I have recently embarked on a new parallel journey that I’m very excited about and have been counting the weeks to finally share the offspring with you all!

Break Thru Radio, one of the most open-minded and musically diverse stations amid today’s commercial overload on all fronts, has become the catalyst and the driving force behind my most recent adventure – Russkiy in the Mix with DJ Tinatin.

You can hear the show anytime by visiting the BTR http://www.breakthruradio.com website or just follow one of the links above to explore other BTR shows in the Program Guide – you won’t regret it, there’s everything for everyone ranging from Jazz to Country, Japanese, German and Australian pop/rock to Russkiy in the Mix… How cool is that?!

So stay tuned – every first Tuesday of each month or simply by clicking right here to hear the only English-language source of fresh Russian music on US radio with a monthly dose of what’s fresh and “happening” in Moscow, St. Petersburg and beyond…

For those of you who know too little about Russian modern music but are fascinated by the nation’s immense culture and history, be sure to check it out…

And by the way, if you’re wondering why those lengthy blogs have disappeared from my homepage, here’s your new source from now on – on weekly basis, every Wednesday there’s a brand new Tinatin-penned Feature Article on http://www.breakthruradio.com — voila a few of the latest links:

Freedom of Speech
Russian America

Evolution of Music

Politicians vs. Popstars – Equal?

A Wednesday featurette entitled “Loli-Pop” will be available first thing tomorrow morning on BTR’s website – check it out and stay tuned for more! 🙂

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