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The year is almost over and I’m still reeling from everything that’s happened in the last 12 months… I couldn’t feel more blessed about this past year’s adventures, unexpected twists and turns, surprises and the most exciting news that kept flooding in, week after week. Looking back on it now, after the month of May, it all changed – drastically. The build up, granted, was intense and very gradual but nevertheless, I couldn’t be more grateful for every bit of it.

After our song, “Is It True?” came second in the Eurovision Song Contest, was later voted the Eurovision Song of the Decade and most recently (or precisely – today) hailed by ESC Awards in Europe as the Song of the Year and yours truly, alongside co-writers Chris Neil and Oskar Pall Sveinsson, Lyricists of the Year, and was also recorded by Swedish Idol winner, Erik Gronwall for his debut record which was released this past Monday, it seems that unlike what we had expected, the song has really brought on some major changes that would have been totally unheard of a year ago. Nothing comes easily, of course, and the amount of work that I had to undertake shortly after the tune took off has still got me reeling from excitement, sleepless nights and incessant creating, planning and executing 24/7.

For those of you who have waited patiently for the book (a work of fiction that is now being reworked as a memoir) – well, I can’t wait either! I’m now on Chapter 9 and quite frankly, writing and rewriting the same story can be a little daunting at times, but also super-exciting. Plus, now I’ve got a fantastic collaborator by my side, Chuck Taylor (if you look him up on Google or Wikipedia, your jaw will drop, I’m so blessed!) so it doesn’t feel all the overwhelming anymore… But it is a major responsibility, nonetheless.

In addition, we’ve got a Broadway project in the works, a record (some very surprising song choices, unlike what you’ve heard on MySpace! Stay tuned for details!) and of course the solo gig at the Metropolitan Room… Be sure to make it! Can’t believe it’s already happening in a matter of weeks. So many songs to master, lyrics to learn by heart (ooooh, hate that part, but it’s a must, what can I say!) and fortunately some of the most incredible musicians to rehearse with in the coming weeks… That’s the best part. Billy Stein, my musical director, co-writer, producer and the most amazing, creative and witty person I’ve come across – it’s really something working with Billy… We played at SteveStocking 2009 last Tuesday and that was so much fun!! Especially the Christmas number… “White Christmas” …. One of my all-time favorites!

So much more to report but daren’t keep this too long. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, Happy Holidays and above all, may the New Year bring you all more happiness, joy, prosperity, inspiration, health, stability (oh yes, in every way!) and peace….

Countless blessings and thanks so very much to each and every one of you for your incredible support throughout this year and all the years past,

Tinatin xxx


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happy-new-yearsWhat a long, long year it’s been for all of us, but extremely exciting and adventurous, nonetheless!

You have all been so supportive in 2008, and at times I feel very guilty to have written so little during the last few months. Yet on the same note, it hasn’t been an idle period for me either, and the only consolation and my best excuse of all is that I’ll have loads to share with you as a result of many, many sleepless nights and pending projects that are coming to a logical conclusion. I do wish I could write more often, but fear not – tons of news and updates are on the way for 2009, so stay tuned by all means!

Just a little teaser before the clock strikes midnight…..

On “Thinking of Someone Else” – as you all remember, the single entered the UK charts in November based on club exposure ONLY, however, in the beginning of the New Year, we’re going to hit the radio and digital releases throughout the world big time. We’ve just completed the whole “package” and are in the process of packaging and scheduling a radio promo tour. New compilations are on the way too, while a few of the back-end of the year ones are about to hit the stores, too!

In the meantime, single #2 which will follow “Thinking of Someone Else” after the radio promotion is also in the making – or more precisely it’s still a work in progress, but a concise one, too. I daren’t mention the title just yet to avoid jinxing it before we’ve put the vocals down, but trust me – it’s going to be a very cool follow up to “Thinking of Someone Else”, with a bit more edge and commercial bite to it… I cannot wait!!

And that’s not it – guess what else is on the way in 2009 from the Tinatin camp? I’m not about to tell you EVERYTHING but here’s a quick glimpse into the future… It’s a boy!! Hahaaa no, no, that was a joke – don’t panic! 🙂

Now, in all seriousness, it’s a book – a novel based on a true story… And here’s a big hint (which, by the way, requires some research if you’re really curious) – it was inspired by one of my blogs written in 2008 and eventually attracted serious attention and interest within the world of literary publishing…. Unfortunately I can’t tell you any more about this project, but do promise to give you more info about it as soon as I’m allowed to 🙂

There’s so much more I’d love to share with each and every one of you, but I do promise to keep you updated on everything as the events unfold on this end – and in the UK, as well, of course!

But before we close this chapter, I wish you all a prosperous, healthy and a very Happy New Year and hope that we’ll share some more stimulating and interesting thoughts through our “blog dialogues” in 2009 – after all, isn’t that what makes the online universe so fascinating?

With blessings to you all,

Tinatin xxx

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