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Yeah!! We did it!!!
animated-number-1-award-for-blogAfter months on the Our Stage Electro-Pop and Dance Charts, “Thinking of Someone Else” has finally been voted as the #1 Most Played, Fan Favorite, Top Track and the highest ranking electro dance song (all different categories, by the way!) by Our Stage Fans and Judges for the ENTIRE month of February 2009 – and here’s the banner for the #1 Channel Prize … grand finale Feb 09!

Thinking of Someone Else (Riffs & Rays Mix), by Tinatin on OurStage


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latest-newsA few bits and pieces for those of you subscribed to the updates on both the Eurovision song, “Is It True”, and the club single, “Thinking of Someone Else”….!

But first things first…. this week’s Eurovision pre-chart ’09 week #2 !

This is a pre-chart of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, which will take place in Moscow. In this chart all the countries are in the one and same chart. All the votes have to be updated within 2 weeks after a new song has been heard, until all songs have been heard.


1 Norway Alexander Rybak Fairytale 3325 143
2 Greece Sakis Rouvas This is our night 3288 140
3 France Patricia Kaas S’il fallait le faire 3248 112
4 Finland Waldo’s People Lose control 2906 52
5 United Kingdom Jade My time 2717 34
6 Iceland Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir Is it true 2484 33
7 Turkey Hadise Düm tek tek 2464 27
8 Malta Chiara What if we 2022 14
9 Denmark Brinck Believe again 1959 18
10 Cyprus Christina Metaxa Firefly 1588 11
11 Germany Alex Swings Oscar Sings Miss kiss kiss bang 1506 9
12 Montenegro Andrea Demirovic Just get out of my life 1473 6
13 Slovenia Quartissimo Love symphony 1378 18
14 Albania Kejsi Tola Më mërr në ëndërr 1374 7
15 Andorra Susanna Georgi Get a life 1255 9
16 Romania Elena Gheorghe The Balkan girls 1219 4
17 Poland Lidia Kopania I don’t wanna leave 1184 24
18 Moldova Nelly Ciobanu Hora din Moldova 1155 5
19 Lithuania Sasha Son Pasiklydes žmogus 973 17
20 Netherlands De Toppers Shine 944 8
21 Georgia Stefane & 3G We don’t wanna put in 801 8
22 Armenia Inga & Anush Arshakyanner Jan jan 715 10
23 Ireland Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy Et cetera 675 9
24 Switzerland Lovebugs The highest heights 654 12
25 Bulgaria Krassimir Avramov Illusion 600 6
26 Belarus Petr Elfimov Eyes that never lie 517 1
27 Hungary Ádokzoli Dance with me 416 3
28 FYR Macedonia Next Time Nesto sto ke ostane 254 3
29 Croatia Igor Cukrov Lijepa tena 0 0
29 Latvia Intars Busulis Sastregums 0 0
29 Portugal Flor-de-Lis Todas as ruas do amor 0 0
29 Spain Soraya La noche es para mí 0 0
33 Bosnia & Herzegovina Regina Bistra voda 0 0

Last week’s #7 is now at #6 !

Moving on to the Eurovision semi-final selection reviews, here are a couple of the latest additions to the batch!

Eurovision Countdown 2009: Iceland

By Richard MacKinnon (Scotland)

There’s a joke (with various versions) going around at the moment concerning the financial meltdown in Iceland and the worsening situation in Ireland: “What’s the difference between Iceland and Ireland? About six months…” Iceland have never won the Eurovision, despite entering some excellent, professional songs. They’ve entered someone with real class and a decent song this year, but a part of me is imagining the Iceland government sitting with fingers crossed that 2009 isn’t their year.

Like all international events, the Eurovision costs a mint to host and quite frankly, Iceland has better things to do with its money right now. So let’s hope Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir gets a good showing with this song – somewhere in the final top 10 – but just doesn’t quite reach the top. Here’s a clip of the song itself: “Is it true?”

Now for those of you who speak Polish, below is the review about the Icelandic entry from Poland:

Single i ciekawostki

Najwcześniej wydanym na singlu utworem z ESC 2009 jest węgierskie “Dance with me/Tanclepes”, które swoją premierę miało już 6. października. Na singlu znajduje się węgierska i angielska wersja utworu (mp3 z tymi wersjami dostępne po lewej stronie pod terminarzem) oraz dwa remixy do “Tanclepes”. Dodatkowo na oficjalnej stronie wokalisty obejrzeć można teledyski zarówno do angielskiego jak i węgierskiego wariantu.

Na TEJ stronie można odsłuchać demo utworu “Is It True”, który w Moskwie wykona debiutująca wokalistka Johanna. W wersji demo słychać głos Tinatin, jednej ze współtwórców piosenki. Tinatin na swoim blogu zapowiedziała, że islandzka wersja eurowizyjnej piosenki nie zostanie nagrana.

Wkrótce swoją premierę będą miały remixy do bułgarskiego utworu “Ilussion”, stworzone przez Deep Zone Project (ESC 2008). Remixów do swojej piosenki nie planują holenderscy reprezentanci – grupa De Toppers. Singiel z utworem “Shine” zawiera tylko jedną wersję utworu. Na profilu MySpace Sinead Mulvey z Irlandii usłyszeć można jej wersję utworu “Love?” z 2005 roku.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Encyclopedia has now been created and posted at the following link. To check out the info on “Is It True” and down the mp3 (it’s official!) visit the Eurovision encyclopedia right here.

Yet another lovely blog article featured on one of the most informative music, entertainment and current event blogs out there – Zero Gossip, and also a little something closer to home…..

Yes, “Thinking of Someone Else” club remix has come full circle after many stop-overs across Europe, it has finally reached NYC.

For more info, check out Club Kerry NYC’s Sunrise After Dark & Anthemic set lists at http://clubkerry.blogspot.com including a special download @ iTunes…

Just follow the link above!

Sunrise After Dark – The Set List (66:04):

1.Call Me (Original Short Version) – Shark & Sylvain
2.Teardrop (Aaron Fonzerelli Mcclelland Remix) – Eleze
3.Photograph (Kerry’s Teardrop’s in the Original Mix) – Alex M.O.R.P.H. featuring Roberta Harrison
4.Man on the Run – Dash Berlin featuring Cerf, Mitiska, & Jaren
5.Sunday Morning – Miqro & Maiqel
6.Ordinary Moment – Filo & Peri featuring Fisher
7.New Direction (Robbie Rivera Juicy Vocal Mix) – Robbie Rivera
8.Need to Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix) – Reflekt
9.Miles Away (Peter Rauhofer Part 3 Final) – Madonna
10.The Fear (Stonebridge Explicit Club Mix) – Lily Allen
11.Made of Love (Push Remix) – Ferry Corsten featuring Betsie Larkin
12.Ain’t Nobody (2009 Rivaz Club Mix) – Kay & Stoxx featuring Mary Geras

Anthemic – The Set List (57:39):

1.Anthem (Original Mix) – Filo & Peri Featuring Eric Lumiere
2.Because I Love You (Dave Ramone Extended Mix) – September
3.You’re Not Alone (Club Mix) – Jose Amnesia Featuring Jennifer Rene
4.Come Fly Away (Soha And Adam K Remix) – Benny Benassi Featuring Channing
5.Get High (Nikola Gala Mix) – Chab & JD Davis
6.If You Knew (Original Mix) – Chris Lake Featuring Nastala
7.Can’t Help Myself (Sunfreakz Extended Mix) – Bellatrax featuring Sophia May
8.Self Control (Original Mix) – Dim Chris & Thomas Gold
9.Thinking Of Someone Else (Riffs & Rays Club Mix) – Tinatin
10.Shine On (Club Mix) – Filo & Peri (Hot New Track!)

That’s all folks, but stay tuned for more!! 🙂

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cd-cover-front1An amazing blog review from Chuck Taylor, Senior Correspondent for Billboard Magazine:

“Singer/songwriter Tinatin, whom I featured as “A Face To Watch” in Billboard one year ago this week, has released dance single “Thinking Of Someone Else” as a four-track digital download in the U.S., U.K. & Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. This outrageously catchy song has already charted in clubs in Europe—not to mention a top 40 finish on my Taylor Top 40 for 2008. Among the collaborators on the track is Chris Neil, who produced many hits for Sheena Easton and Celine Dion. How could it be anything but a smash, eh?”

P.S. Very special thanks to Chuck Taylor for his incredible support!!

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“From #30 the week of October 25th onto #23 as of Nov. 1st – Tinatin, Thinking of Someone Else” Music Week’s official Pop Chart, UK.

Ecstatic, anxious and, well, keeping my fingers crossed greedily for the Top 20 slot. But humans are greedy by nature, aren’t we?

This evening on my way home from a meeting, I walked by an ancient hotel (based on NY standards, of course) on 54th street famous for its lovely breakfast café overlooking the Avenue of the Americas. And it suddenly hit me – just over a year and a half ago, while having brunch with my producer and going through the songs, old and new, he made a quick suggestion.

“Why don’t we submit ‘Thinking of Someone Else’ for Kylie’s upcoming album? She’ll cut it for sure, and anyway, although it’s a hit, I think it may be a bit too poppy for you…” I was distraught? Are we taking the song off an album that’s no even made yet, without even giving me a chance with it? “Otherwise we’ll sit on it for ages and…” No, no, I couldn’t give in, I wouldn’t! Even though I knew it was also in my interest as a co-writer to land a potential single on Kylie Minogue’s comeback album.

Being stubborn as hell, I refused to give in, and so did my producer – he couldn’t be asked arguing about it with a stubborn post-teenage soviet! 🙂

A year and a half later, walking past this same place I asked myself if this was one of the few good decisions I’ve made over the years (not proud to admit it’s rare!) … And this same record producer, Christopher Neil, is in so many ways responsible for “Thinking of Someone Else” now in the UK. Fate? Or persistence? Or both?

Keeping my fingers crossed for next week but not forgetting to multiply this by 100 in the meantime… Gotta build on it and follow it up, otherwise what’s the point? No good charting for the sake of charting! At least not in this case……..

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